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2D animator, currently living and freelancing in Lithuania. Always interested in Arts, Gamedev, Behind the Scenes stuff, hi-fi. An addict of high framerates (yay, Spine2D!). 

Loves bringing characters to life! Not scared of complex rigs and characters - always aiming towards smooth, detailed and logic movements! 

About Me:

Spine 2D:
I have 6+ years of Spine 2D experience. I'm 95% Spine guy right now! 
Many years of various experience using Photoshop. From photo editing, to drawing. Right now I use it for art preparation for animation.
After Effects:

7+ years of experience using After Effects. I used to work with AE a lot! From motion graphics, Trapcode plugins to editing.
At school I was that guy who sits at the end of the class and draws stuff to his notebook. I can easily prepare additional layers I need for my animation from PSD of yours. Have understanding of various principles, weights and cinematography.
I have good experience with Adobe Flash. Been doing stuff with Adobe Audition, Premiere and Illustrator too. Looking for gamedev and Unity knowledge!

Skills and knowledge:

2010 - present
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  • Behance
  • Artstation
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  • youtube_edited
2010 - present
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